title : Hug #2 || $482.00

Hug #2 || $482.00
Hug #2 || $482.00

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2020
Height 43" x Width 32" x Depth 1.5"
Price $482.00 + Shipping
Installment price: $165.00 x 3

Hugs could help turn back the clock.

Warm, comforting embraces may be good for more than just the positive vibes. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley believe that oxytocin, the "love" hormone, released from bonding with loved ones, could help repair damaged muscles, making you (almost) as good as young, once again. Older mice injected with the hormone were able to repair deterioration making them 80 percent as strong as younger mice, when it came to muscle repair abilities.

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Abstract Art : art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.