Back Against the Wind – Afro Samurai

$ 108.00

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2024
Dimensions: Height 24″ x Width 9″ x Depth 1.5″

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In shadows deep, where whispers fade, A lone figure walks a path unswayed, Back against the wind, relentless and brave, In the heart of darkness, seeking to save.

Afro Samurai, with sword in hand, A warrior born in a troubled land, A quest for vengeance, a price to pay, For honor lost along the way.

Through fields of blood and mountains high, He journeys forth, beneath the sky, Chasing ghosts of a haunted past, In a world where nothing seems to last.

But in his eyes, a fire burns, A determination that fiercely yearns, To right the wrongs, to end the strife, And carve a path to a better life.

With every step, the wind grows cold, Yet Afro Samurai remains bold, Facing demons, both real and within, Knowing that his fight must begin.

So, back against the wind, he stands tall, A silent warrior, heeding the call, To battle on, to never yield, Until his destiny is finally revealed.