Blots Amid Tomorrow

This Piece is Represented by
Vizo Euro Art 24
Zoya Koleva

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Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2024
Height 10” x Width 8″ x 1.5”

Prints Available

Ink stains on the canvas of the future, Uncertainty looms, shadows shift and blur. Amidst the bright hopes we eagerly nurture, Dark blots arise, our clarity to deter.

Fears seep through the paints of dreams unfolding, Tainting the vibrant hues with shades of doubt. Tomorrow’s promise, yet unrevealed, withholding Its secrets, as anxiety clouds our outlook.

Yet in those smudges, those blemishes unseen, Lie opportunities, hidden from our sight. The blots may herald paths we’ve not foreseen, Unveiling unexpected rays of light.

Embrace the uncertainty, the smears that give pause, For they may be the birthplace of a new dawn’s cause. Within the blots, a chance for growth may thrive, To paint a masterpiece on tomorrow’s alive.