Dancing under the Persian Moon

This Piece is Represented by
Vizo Euro Art 24
Zoya Koleva

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Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2024
Dimensions: Height 16″ x Width 18″ x Depth 1.5″

Prints Available

Beneath the Persian Moon so bright, A dance unfolds in soft moonlight. Silken threads of night adorn, As whispers of a mystic morn.

In shadows cast by lunar grace, Dancers move with measured pace. Their silhouettes a graceful swoon, Underneath the Persian Moon.

Melodies of ancient lore, Echo through the sacred floor. Footsteps weave a tale untold, In the night, their secrets hold.

Gentle zephyrs join the tune, As jasmine scents begin to swoon. A ballet in the moonlit dune, Dancing under the Persian Moon.

Stars above, a cosmic choir, Witness to this dance entire. Each pirouette, a rhythmic rune, Spun beneath the Persian Moon.

With every twirl, a story spun, Of love and dreams, two hearts as one. In the night, where shadows croon, They dance beneath the Persian Moon.

So, let the night forever trace, The beauty of this sacred space. A dance that weaves a timeless tune, Underneath the Persian Moon.