DO you See?

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2023
Dimensions: Height 9″ x Width 12″ x Depth 1.5″

Do you see the morning’s golden kiss, As sunlight paints the sky with bliss? A world awakens, full of grace, In every corner, in every place.

Do you see the flowers in bloom, Their vibrant colors chase away the gloom? Each petal, a brushstroke of delight, In the garden of day, they take flight.

Do you see the children’s joyful play, Their laughter echoing through the day? Innocence dancing, hearts so free, A symphony of life for all to see.

Do you see the kindness that’s spread, Through words and deeds, like love’s sweet thread? A helping hand, a warm embrace, In these small acts, we find our grace.

Do you see the stars that light the night, Guiding us with their gentle light? In their brilliance, dreams take flight, As we gaze up, bathed in their might.

Do you see the beauty all around, In every sight, in every sound? It’s in the moments, big and small, Where life’s true wonders gently fall.

So open your eyes, my friend, and see, The world’s abundant positivity. In every corner, in every plea, There’s endless beauty for you and me.