Godzilla vs Graffiti 2024

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2024
Dimensions: Height 48″ x Width 48″ x Depth 1.5″

Prints Available

In the heart of a city, where the pulse beats strong, A battle of titans, an epic clash of right and wrong. Godzilla rises, a colossus of scale and might, While graffiti adorns the walls, a rebel’s silent fight.

In the concrete jungle, where dreams are made and lost, Godzilla roars, a symbol of nature’s awesome cost. But graffiti whispers stories, of those unheard and unseen, A canvas of the streets, where art and life convene.

Godzilla’s footsteps shake the ground, buildings tremble in fear, But graffiti stands defiant, its colors bright and clear. Each stroke, each tag, a voice in the urban sprawl, A message of rebellion, breaking through the city’s wall.

As Godzilla looms large, casting a shadow over the land, Graffiti dances in the moonlight, a rebel’s bold stand. For in this clash of titans, in this battle of the night, Art and monster meet, in a spectacle of might.

In the end, the city stands, changed by what transpired, Godzilla and graffiti, both admired and desired. For in their clash, a story of resilience is told, Of strength and beauty, in a city of stories old.