Hot Summer Day

$ 125.00

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2023
Height 17″ x Width 11″ x Depth 1.5″

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Beneath a sky of azure hue, The city streets in summer stew, A dance of heat on asphalt floor, Where sunbeams weave a radiant lore.

Skyscrapers shimmer in the blaze, Reflecting warmth in golden rays, A symphony of urban heat, Asphalt pulses beneath our feet.

On sidewalks where the city hums, Shadows play in rhythm drums, Awakening a concrete jungle’s dream, Where heatwaves waltz in sunlit gleam.

The city’s pulse, a steady beat, In sweltering waves of summer’s heat, From subway grates, warm whispers rise, As buildings shimmer ‘neath the skies.

Ice cream trucks chime their sweet refrain, Children’s laughter, a joyous gain, Parks adorned with shades of green, A refuge from the city’s sheen.

The scent of hot asphalt and tar, Beneath the sun, a heated spa, A metropolis in summer’s sway, Where time slows down in the heat of day.

Windows open to a breeze so warm, As city dwellers shed their norm, In sundresses, shades, and shorts arrayed, A summer scene where dreams are laid.

The skyline blazes in the noon, A city symphony in tune, Yet as the day begins to wane, Cool shadows cast a sweet refrain.

Sunset paints the city sky, A canvas in hues of peach and dye, And as the stars reclaim the night, The city rests in soft moonlight.

A hot summer day in the city’s embrace, Leaves memories etched with warmth and grace, In the heart of the urban sprawl, Summer’s tale, a timeless drawl.