It Was a Sign #3 (Print)

$ 3.60$ 129.60

50% of the sale of this print indefinitely goes to the Women’s Center and Shelter of Pittsburgh.

Year: 2024

In shadows cast by city lights, they roam, Houseless souls, seeking a place called home. Ignored by many, invisible to most, Their plight a stark reminder of society’s boast.

They sleep on streets, under bridges, in the cold, Their stories untold, their dreams put on hold. Judged by their appearance, misunderstood, Their humanity often overlooked, if not for good.

Yet within each of them lies a beating heart, Full of hopes, desires, and a longing to restart. They are not just statistics, nor mere faces in the crowd, But individuals with stories, shouting silent and loud.

Let us not turn away, let us extend a hand, For in helping them, we help ourselves understand. That kindness knows no bounds, no walls, no door, And together, we can create a world that’s more.

A world where compassion reigns supreme, Where no one is left to chase an elusive dream. For houseless or housed, we are all the same, In this vast, interconnected human game.