Lengthened Lower Lips

This Piece is Represented by
Vizo Euro Art 24
Zoya Koleva

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Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2024
Height 15” x Width 10″ x 1.5”

Prints Available

Unnaturally extended, dragged down, Flesh stretched thin, a morbid frown. Distorted mouths, disfigured pouts, Pulling lips beyond their natural bouts.

Grotesque facades, exaggerated slits, Mangled mugs bordering on body mutilations. Extremes of vanity’s twisted desires, Uncanny valleys replacing sensual fires.

Obscene canvases of taut, tented skin, Ghoulish grins forever stitched in. Facial features warped to haunting degrees, Beauty’s understanding mutated with each freakish tease.

Is this the cost of fashion’s fickle game? Devolving faces into shapes better unnamed? When does enhancement veer to self-deface? Leaving natural beauty a forgotten, alien grace.