Let’s Dance #21

This Piece is Represented by
Vizo Euro Art 24
Zoya Koleva

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Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2024
Height 16” x Width 9″ x 1.5”

Prints Available

Ziggy's silk suit swirls with life On canvas number twenty-one
As Bowie strikes a pose so rife With all the dance moves he's begun

His fingers splayed like blazing rays
That spark the soul to join the throng Of twisting forms and hip-shook sways A beat unleashed, a rhythm's song

Between each dab of pigment spread Across the tilting torqued physique I see the Thin White Duke has led
His watchers to oblique technique

The paints enshrine that mighty bop When Bowie's croons would never stop The crowd's ecstatic rising hop
To groove behind the superstar

Let's Dance's strokes of living art Have seized the boundless Bowie heart That set our rebellious souls apart And dared us all to go too far