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Year: 2024

In a garden where the city breathes, Amongst the brick and steel, A field of flowers blooms in June, A place where dreams are real.

Petals whisper secrets, In colors bold and bright, Daisies, poppies, lupines, Dance in the golden light.

Love letters penned in quiet dusk, On paper worn and old, Are woven through the blossoms, Their stories gently told.

Each stem a line of poetry, Each leaf a sigh of grace, The words of love and longing, In every fragile space.

A Pittsburgh artist’s gentle hand, With palette knife in tune, Creates a masterpiece of love, These letters to the June.

In Pittsburgh’s heart, this canvas blooms, With nature’s fleeting song, A testament to beauty, That summer days prolong.

For June’s embrace is tender, Yet swift it passes by, But in this field of flowers, Her spirit cannot die.

The scent of blooms, the hum of bees, The sun’s caress at noon, All captured in this masterpiece, These love letters to June.

So linger here, dear wanderer, Amongst the colors bright, And let your heart be woven, Into this field of light.

For in these blooms, and whispered words, A truth forever shines, That beauty’s fleeting nature, In art, eternal binds.