Lunar Bee (PRINT)

$ 3.60$ 129.60

Year: 2024

In the midnight’s hush, where shadows dance, An abstract bee takes a nocturnal chance. Under the full moon’s radiant glow, It flits and floats with a gentle flow.

No stripes, no buzz, just a silhouette bold, A graceful dance in the moonlit cold. Through the darkness, it weaves and sways, A silent symphony in the night’s embrace.

Its path a mystery, its flight a dream, A creature of the night, unseen, unseen. Among the flowers, it softly lands, Collecting moonbeams in its gentle hands.

In the stillness of the night, it hums a tune, A melody for the moon, the stars, the dune. A solitary figure in the moon’s soft light, An abstract bee, a fleeting sight.

So, let it dance, let it roam, In the night sky, it finds its home. A symbol of beauty, of mystery, of flight, An abstract bee under the full moon’s light.