Main Street USA – Urban Reflection

$ 972.00

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2020
Height 72” x Width 27″ x 1.5”

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Vibrant hues dance across the canvas, Rhythmic stripes in a joyous trance. A symphony of colors, bold and bright, Celebrating life with pure delight.

Radiant yellows, stark blacks unfurled, Intertwine with whites that beckon the world. Embracing harmony in this dynamic space, Carved by the pallet knife’s resolute grace.

Broad strokes leave their mark divine, Each hue a note in a melodic line. The artist’s soul poured onto the scene, A burst of joy, both vivid and serene.

“Main Street USA – Urban Reflection” unfurls, A visual euphony of straight scrapes of paint. Abstract emotions captured in paint, A reminder that joy knows no restraint.