Meat is Murder Go Vegan ( Print )

$ 15.00

Museum Quality Giclée Print 8×10

Spray-painted words, a bold decree, “Meat is Murder, Go Vegan” we see. A stark message on the city wall, A call to conscience, heard by all.

Crimson lettering, a visceral hue, Echoes the blood that slaughterhouses drew. A protest against the industry’s plight, A rallying cry for animal rights.

Beneath the words, a haunting scene, A helpless creature, its eyes serene. A silent plea from this living being, To end the cycle of killing, unrelenting.

The artist’s brush, a weapon of truth, Unveils the horrors we oft rebuke. A reminder that our choices have weight, And the path to kindness is on our plate.

In this concrete jungle, a vegan voice rings, Urging us to change, to shed our complacent wings. To embrace a lifestyle of compassion and care, And let all creatures their freedom share.

“Meat is Murder, Go Vegan” it screams, A graffiti masterpiece, born of noble dreams. A work of art that ignites the soul, To live in harmony, to make the world whole.