Washington Bridge A Brooklyn Perspective

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2024
Dimensions: Height 23″ x Width 13″ x Depth 1.5″

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From Brooklyn’s heart, the bridge ascends,
A marvel of steel where land transcends.
Arches bold in twilight’s glow,
Stretching where the rivers flow.

In sunset’s blush, the city stirs,
A dance of life, a hum of whirs.
Brownstones whisper tales of old,
In shadows cast by dusk’s soft gold.

Cyclists, walkers, journey on,
Crossing where the day has gone.
Their footsteps weave in rhythmic beat,
On ancient paths where dreams entreat.

The East River glistens, soft and bright,
Mirroring the city’s light.
Beneath the bridge, the waters sigh,
Embracing both the earth and sky.

Manhattan’s spires, distant, loom,
In colors rich, they pierce the gloom.
A tapestry of night and day,
Where twilight’s hues in silence play.

Majestic arches, soaring high,
Touching stars in evening’s sky.
A testament to human might,
Yet soft and gentle in the night.

Washington Bridge, a sight to see,
From Brooklyn’s shore to liberty.
In painted light, the stories blend,
Of city life where dreams ascend.