White Dress #32

This series was inspired by a photoshoot in a pond in western PA. It has evolved over the years and is one of my favorite and challenging pieces to paint.

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2021
Dimensions: Height 24″ x Width 9″ x Depth 1.5″
All works can be shipped.

The WHITE DRESS #32 is an abstract minimalist artwork created by the conceptual artist, Scott Kowalski. The artwork follows a simple yet powerful aesthetic, consisting of only a white dress. Its simplicity is deceivingly complex; as one gazes upon the WHITE DRESS #32 they are invited to reflect upon its meaning. The minimalism of the piece encourages viewers to look beyond its surface, taking time to explore their own individual interpretations and feelings towards it. From up close or far away, the movements of color in light lend this piece an air of surrealism that overwhelms and captivates every viewer who beholds it. Whether you view it as a symbol for human emotion or something else entirely, the WHITE DRESS #32 will leave you with a sense of awe at its beauty and complexity. Its abstract nature allows each individual to take away something unique, making it an artwork that continues to evolve over time and remains relevant in the modern age. Whether you’re looking for introspection or simply want to enjoy a stunning piece of art, the WHITE DRESS #32 won’t disappoint.