Ziggy StarDust – One of Many David Bowie’s

This Piece is Represented by
Vizo Euro Art 24
Zoya Koleva

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Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2024
Dimensions: Height 34″ x Width 18″ x Depth 1.5″

Prints Available

In the cosmic tapestry of time, A star once shone with brilliance, sublime. Ziggy Stardust, a persona rare, A creation of Bowie’s visionary flair.

A celestial being, not bound by earth, Ziggy descended with flamboyant mirth. A space oddity, an alien delight, In the realm of music, a captivating light.

Oh, Ziggy Stardust, where have you gone? A cosmic journey, a phenomenon. David Bowie’s creation, a character so grand, A rock and roll savior for a troubled land.

With stardust sprinkled on his charismatic face, Ziggy embodied the essence of outer space. A rockstar prophet, a cosmic guide, In the starry expanse, forever to abide.

But now, the echoes of Ziggy seem to fade, A memory lingering in the cosmic cascade. Oh, Major Tom, where does Ziggy dwell? In the astral realms, a celestial spell.

The thin white duke left us, a mere mortal’s fate, Yet Ziggy’s spirit continues to resonate. Through vinyl grooves and cosmic dreams, In the constellation of timeless streams.

The stage is empty, the guitar’s refrain, Ziggy’s absence, a cosmic pain. But in the hearts of fans, the stardust remains, A memory of Bowie’s eternal reign.

Missing Ziggy Stardust, a star so bright, In the starman’s absence, we seek the light. A hero, an icon, forever to be, Ziggy Stardust, a part of Bowie’s legacy.