Abstract Art vs. Realism: Which One Speaks to You?

When it comes to visual art, there is no greater divide than between abstract art and realism. From Pittsburgh-based artist Scott Kowalski’s vivid abstract art to the more muted palette of Pollock’s abstract expressionism, viewers are left with a difficult choice: which style speaks to them?

Abstract art is open-form expression; the viewer can make their own interpretation of the piece without being tethered to any one specific meaning or message. Realism, on the other hand, presents a concrete reality that has been by the artist and interpreted through those familiar shapes. While realism may be easier for some viewers to grasp and connect with emotionally, there is something captivating about abstract art that draws many towards it.

For those in Pittsburgh, there is no shortage of abstract art to explore and enjoy – from the murals at the Warhol Museum to smaller galleries featuring local artists with a range of styles. Wherever you look, you’ll find pieces that challenge the viewer and invite them to step outside their comfort zone.

So which one speaks to you? As an artist or as a viewer, are you drawn toward realism or abstract art? Take some time to explore both styles and see what appeals most to your eye. Whichever style resonates with you will help inform your own artistic journey!