Abstract Odyssey: Transforming Pittsburgh Airport Pianos with Bright Colors and Wild Shapes

The Concourse Concerto in conjunction with the Free The Music program at Pittsburgh International Airport has metamorphosed into a celebration of abstract art. The Concourse Concerto program seamlessly integrates pianos into the airport, creating a welcoming haven for travelers to explore their musical talents. As detailed in the earlier article, the program invites passengers to engage with impromptu performances within the airport’s concourses.

Scott Kowalski and the Vivid Canvas:

Scott Kowalski, a Pittsburgh artist, has taken on the unique challenge of transforming one of the program’s pianos into a visual celebration of color. Through a blend of bright, vibrant colors and wild abstract shapes, Kowalski turns the piano into a captivating canvas, adding a visually dynamic element to the Concourse Concerto initiative. His work not only enhances the airport’s aesthetic but also captures the city’s dynamic and diverse artistic spirit.

Fellow Abstract Artists:

Kowalski is not alone in his artistic exploration within the Concourse Concerto program. Other abstract visionaries join him, each infusing their unique style and vivid palettes into the visual tapestry of the airport through painted pianos.

Jessica Alpern Brown: Renowned for bold use of bright colors and wild abstract shapes, Jessica transforms a piano into a visual feast that resonates with the dynamic energy of Pittsburgh. Jessica is a multidisciplinary artist who creates wearable, decorative and functional art for people, homes and public realms. She comes from a diverse background centered in the arts and has been mastering fabrication techniques for nearly 20 years.

Cue Perry: Channeling the spirit of abstraction, Cue paints a piano with swirling patterns and vibrant strokes, creating a piece that mirrors the rhythm of Pittsburgh’. Perry deconstructs pop culture that visually represents the randomness present in daily life, and promotes thinking outside of the box.

Together, these abstract artists breathe life into airport pianos, turning them into radiant canvases that celebrate Pittsburgh’s avant-garde artistic identity.

The Visual Journey Through Abstract Pianos:

As passengers traverse the airport, they are not merely serenaded by impromptu piano performances but are also enveloped in a vibrant world created by these painted pianos—a testament to the transformative power of abstract art in unexpected spaces. The airport becomes a dynamic gallery, where each piano tells a unique visual story, inviting travelers to explore the boundless realms of artistic expression.

Community Engagement Through Abstract Pianos:

Beyond contributing to the airport’s aesthetic, these abstract artists actively engage with the community, inspiring others to explore the expansive realm of abstract expression through workshops, collaborative installations, and mentorship programs.

Scott Kowalski and his fellow abstract artists have not only elevated the Concourse Concerto program but have turned Pittsburgh International Airport into a dynamic canvas of vivid colors and wild shapes, with each piano telling a vibrant story of abstract expression. As passengers traverse the airport, they are not just surrounded by music but also immersed in the visual journey crafted by these talented artists—a testament to the profound impact of transforming airport pianos into abstract masterpieces and the collaborative spirit that defines Pittsburgh’s avant-garde artistic landscape.