Pittsburgh’s Top 10 Contemporary Art Spaces with a Focus on Pittsburgh Artists

Pittsburgh is a city brimming with artistic talent and a vibrant arts community. With a deep appreciation for both its historical roots and modern innovations, Pittsburgh offers numerous spaces where contemporary art thrives. This article highlights the top 10 contemporary art spaces in Pittsburgh, each playing a crucial role in promoting and supporting Pittsburgh artists.


Located on Liberty Avenue, SPACE is a non-profit art gallery dedicated to fostering an integrated and open art ecosystem in Pittsburgh. Known for its innovative exhibitions, SPACE showcases works by both established and emerging Pittsburgh artists. From solo shows to thematic group exhibitions, this gallery is a hub for creative expression in various media, including sculpture, photography, and contemporary technologies.

2. Concept Art Gallery

Established in 1972, Concept Art Gallery is a cornerstone of Pittsburgh’s art scene. Owned by Sam Berkovitz, the gallery features a diverse range of contemporary artworks, including graphics, realist paintings, and historical industrial images of Pittsburgh. It highlights the works of many of Pittsburgh’s most prominent artists, alongside nationally and internationally recognized creatives, making it a vital space for art lovers in the city.

3. Society for Contemporary Craft

The Society for Contemporary Craft, founded in 1971, is a non-profit institution that focuses exclusively on contemporary craft. It provides a platform for Pittsburgh artists to exhibit and sell their work, emphasizing multicultural diversity and non-mainstream art. The Society’s exhibitions and programs engage visitors in the creative process and showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of local artists.

4. Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery

As Pittsburgh’s first art gallery dedicated to contemporary studio glass, Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery has been a significant player since 1997. The gallery features stunning glass sculptures, jewelry, and mixed media by Pittsburgh artists and international creators. Its annual winter show is a key event, highlighting the collaborative spirit within the local glass art community.

5. Mattress Factory

The Mattress Factory is an acclaimed museum of contemporary art that supports artists in creating site-specific installations. This unique space offers Pittsburgh artists the opportunity to transform rooms into immersive art experiences. By fostering innovative, large-scale projects, the Mattress Factory has become a critical venue for contemporary art in Pittsburgh.

6. The Andy Warhol Museum

Dedicated to the life and work of Pittsburgh-born artist Andy Warhol, this museum is a beacon for contemporary art enthusiasts. Beyond Warhol’s iconic works, the museum frequently features exhibitions by contemporary Pittsburgh artists, providing them with a prestigious platform to showcase their talent.

7. Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is a community-based visual arts organization that supports local artists through exhibitions, classes, and residency programs. It offers Pittsburgh artists numerous opportunities to display their work and engage with the public, fostering a supportive environment for artistic growth and collaboration.

8. Silver Eye Center for Photography

Silver Eye Center for Photography is dedicated to promoting contemporary photography and photo-based multimedia from both emerging and established artists. Pittsburgh artists find a welcoming space here to present their photographic works, participate in artist talks, and engage with a community of photography enthusiasts.

9. Brew House Association

Located in the former Duquesne Brewing Company building, the Brew House Association provides affordable studio spaces and exhibition opportunities for Pittsburgh artists. Its gallery, the Brew House Gallery, hosts a variety of contemporary art exhibitions, making it a vital resource for local artists seeking to develop and display their work.

10. Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center

Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center focuses on supporting and promoting the work of female and non-binary artists in Pittsburgh. Through its residency programs, exhibitions, and community projects, Neu Kirche offers Pittsburgh artists a unique platform to explore and present their contemporary art practices.

These top 10 contemporary art spaces are integral to the flourishing art scene in Pittsburgh. They provide essential support, exposure, and opportunities for Pittsburgh artists to thrive, ensuring that the city’s rich artistic heritage continues to evolve and inspire future generations.