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Year: 2024

In the hush of summer’s dawn, where whispers bloom, June receives her love letters, penned in fragrant plume. From the heart of the tropics, in night’s velvet hue, A Black Panther Plumeria, draped in morning dew.

Petals like whispers, secrets softly told, In a garden of dreams, where memories unfold. Each letter a promise, in moonlit embrace, A symphony of scent, a tender, gentle grace.

Ink of twilight’s shadow, on parchment of light, Love’s delicate phrases, woven through the night. June reads with a smile, as the day begins to stir, Black Panther Plumeria, her silent messenger.

The air is a canvas, painted with their tale, Of passion and mystery, where no words fail. In the bloom’s deep heart, a story pure and true, Love letters to June, from the Black Panther Plumeria’s view.

Through the sweltering days and star-kissed eves, Their love story flourishes, in each sigh the breeze heaves. In the dance of nature, in the glow of noon, Love letters to June, from a Black Panther Plumeria in bloom.